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1 dota: kunkka guide Την / Το 27/3/2010, 02:36




explanation about his skills:
Using his unparalleled knowledge of the sea, Kunkka is able to summon a blast of water at a targeted area. After 2 seconds a fierce torrent of water errupts from the ground, the stream blastingenemies caught in the AoE into the sky, dealing damage and slowing movement speed by 30%.
Cooldown: 12
Manacost: 105
This skill pretty cool, gives 120/180/240/300 damage and the torrent last for 2/3/4/5 seconds.

Kunkka's legendary sword Tidebringer is infused with the very power of the sea. Akin to the ebb and flow, Tidebringer passively grants the hero increased damage and 500 AoE cleave for a single strike every once a while.
This skill is just like Leviathan's Anchor Smash and Weaver double damage combined. Gives 15/30/45/60 bonus damage every 16/12/8/4 seconds. Great for last hitting.

X marks the spot
In order to make an assembly for his troops, Admiral Proudmoore targets a hero and marks its current position on the ground. After a few seconds, the hero will instantly return to the mark.
Cooldown: 60/50/40/30
Manacost: 110
Marks a hero and leaves an X in its area, after a 2/3/4/5 seconds the targetted hero moves back to the X mark with 500/650/800/950 cast range. Use this to make the blinker enemy cannot escape.

Ghost Ship(Ultimate skill)
The admiral summons the mythical ghost ship S.S. CoCo to the battlefield. Allies are doused in Captain CoCo's Rum, inebriating them for 30% bonus movespeed and numbness to incoming damage, causing them to feel only half of the pain now and half after the Rum wears off.Enemies, pirates and scurvy knaves are dashed on the rocks for damage and a brief stun when the ship crashes.
Cooldown: 100/80/60
Manacost: 150
Great skills to initiate battle and even for chasing enemies. It gives 300/400/500 crash damages and the CoCo's Rum last 5/6/7 seconds.

Skill Build
1. Tidebringer
2. Torrent
3. Tidebringer
4. Torrent
5. Tidebringer
6. Ghost Ship
7. Tidebringer
8. Torrent
9. Torrent
10. X Marks the Spot
11. Ghost Ship
12. X Marks the Spot
13. X Marks the Spot
14. X Marks the Spot
15. Stats
16. Ghost Ship

Starting items:
2x tango
Gauntlet of Strength
Circled of nobility
1 ironwood branch

Late game items:(my items)
Power threads
Monkey king bar
Heart of Tarrasque/Radiance

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